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Solved: MP4 video no playing in Captivate 9 – Adobe Support Community – .

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When we try to load the video as an event video we keep getting error messages. When we try taking it to media encoder we get error messages, so we can’t change the codec to H This video plays fine in the Microsoft media player and in the properties shows MP4 for the format. I saw on another question with a similar problem that to test that it is the correct MP4 format was to drag it into a browser window.

This is not the first time I’ve done a ton of work, previewed it, then only have the finished product not work. What is the best case scenario for projects to actually work when published? For your last question: since quite a while Captivate allows to create interactive video, which is sort of a half-way solution between passive video and real interactive course.

For that reason each video inserted as slide video gets automatically the Bookmarking and the Overlay line in the Layers panel, but it is not compulsory to use them. Have a look at this blog post if you want to learn more — example link, have more posts about interactive video. I tested this out and it does work for either types of video Event or Slide but for Event Video you need to ensure the duration of the slide is equal to the length of the video.

My advice would be to use Slide Video, in this situation as it pushes out the duration of the slide to match the video by default. Based on the fact that you updated Media Encoder to the latest version, it sounds like you have Creative Cloud.

If you ultimately want to publish to video I would recommend you use Premiere Pro. Edit your videos and any title and content slides in that. Maybe publish as a project instead of a video and let the video run in the project. Give that a shot. Bit confusing: you mean probably publishing to HTML? The problem is that giving access to such a published output, that you need to upload to a webserver or a LMS.

Whereas a passive video can be just sent over to someone. Since you want to publish to passive video, all interactivity is lost. Did you try slide video?

You must be logged in to post a comment. Show All Notifications. Join Community. Sign In. Post here. Virtual Reality. Events and Announcements. Free Projects. Learning Hub. The videos play fine in preview, but once published, I get a blank screen.

After reading other posts, I tried using SWF format and uploading the videos using a file path from my local computer I thought the issue was that I had placed the videos in OneDrive and tried to upload from there.


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Captivate will not play inserted .mp4 videos after publishing project as a Video – eLearning.


This video plays fine in the Microsoft media player and in the properties shows MP4 for the format. I saw on another question with a similar problem that to test that it is the correct MP4 format was to drag it into a browser window.

I tried that and the only thing that happened was that Microsoft Media Player opened and it played there not in the browser window. Any and all help will be appreciated. The maximum file size is 47 MB. To know more about the differences between an event video and a multi-slide synchronized video, read the article. For more information on inserting web objects, see Inserting web objects in Captivate.

You can use JavaScript to pause or play an event video. Insert a smart shape as a button, and assign a JavaScript event to it. Use the following code to pause the video:. For more information on using JavaScript and Advanced Actions when playing and pausing an event video, see Paul Wilson in action.

See Paul’s video in Control event video with JavaScript. The skin playbar for the inserted video. A preview of the skin you select appears directly below the Skin menu. Choose the type of the skin for your video from the Skin drop-down list. If you do not want the playbar to appear in the video, choose None. Display For: Specifies the time for which the video file is displayed on the slide. Appear After: The time after which the video file appears on the slide after it starts playing.

Pause Slide Till End Of Video option enabled only if you selected Rest Of Slide from the Display For menu : Select this option to pause the slide that contains the video until the video has finished playing. Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy. User Guide Cancel.

Learn how to add video files and set properties of event videos in Adobe Captivate. Import an event video. FLV files during import do not require any kind of encoding. Modify event video properties. You can change the properties of an event video using the Property Inspector. Video object. Name: Enter a unique name for the object. You can use this name when defining the visibility conditions for the object.

Visible: Disable this option if you want the object to be invisible on the slide. The object can be made visible using the Show option. For more information, see Controlling the visibility of objects. Accessibility: Click to add accessible text to the object. For details, see Customize accessibility text for objects. Object State: Add states to your video object and make it more interactive.

For more information, see Working with multi-state objects. The video must be hosted on AMS. Adobe Media Streaming Service: Choose this option if the video is hosted on AMS or any other web server and the service provider is one of the Adobe partners. The option represents t the absolute or relative path to the video file.


Captivate 9 – Videos Are Not Playing After Publish – Adobe Support Community –


I need to publish an interactive Adobe Captivate windows 10 editions download with closed captions to a web server and am not finding a good solution.

This is an older server and not an LMS. When I publish as. Do I create a folder and add all the files to it? What would the equivalent of an. The index file? I would publish it to HTML5. You would launch the course using a link to the Index. The rest of the files support your project. Here is a video I did some time ago about publish for distribution on the web. I know you may be using a different web server adobe captivate 9 video not playing free download here is my process for uploading to an Amazon Web Server using their AWS S3 service.

The specifics may be different, but the overarching principles should be the same. Just a short comment about your mixing up versions.

Adobe captivate 9 video not playing free download present version is Captivate 9 is much older. I will try to explain what you need to do and why. A Captivate project published to MP4 has not much sense because, as you already figured out, you will lose all interactivity and more.

When you publish to HTML5 you create sort of a adobe captivate 9 video not playing free download complicated website. You need to upload the whole published folder which will be named as you specified in the Publish dialog box to the webserver. You can use whatever uploading tool you want, I am using Filezilla. Once it is uploaded you can launch adobe captivate 9 video not playing free download project like a website: using the index.

One warning, since you mentioned that it is an older webserver. It will need to support the JSON protocol. As for the browser to be used, any modern browser will do but avoid older versions of IE which are very limited for HTML5 support. You must be logged in to post a comment. Show Цель adobe photoshop cc 2019 brushes free бывает Notifications. Join Community. Sign In. Post here. Virtual Reality. Events and Announcements. Free Projects. Learning Hub.

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Set up gamification. Set up internal users. Types of course modules. Virtual classroom trainings. Adobe Connect Mobile. Virtual Conferences. Unified Communications. June 7, Publish an interactive Captivate 9 project to web server. Newbie 1 posts. Followers: 0 people. Cannot post interactive video to website and maintain the interactions.

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