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Fixes an issue where Logic could quit unexpectedly after saving a Step Pattern in the StepFX plug-in and then removing the plug-in from the channel strip. Resolves an issue where Logic could quit unexpectedly while stepping through presets in the Soundtoys EffectRack. Logic no longer quits unexpectedly when the Virtual Memory setting for Sampler is toggled in the Logic Settings. Resolves an issue where Logic would quit unexpectedly when converting region-based automation to track-based automation if the track had more than one automation lane showing the same parameter.

Resolves an issue in which Logic could quit unexpectedly at launch after adding a third-party control surface plug-in. Resolves an issue in which Logic could quit unexpectedly after dragging an audio file into Source A with additive analysis in Alchemy and then using the arrow key to select a duplicate of the track. Resolves and issue in which Logic could quit unexpectedly when using the down arrow to navigate the Track List while removing the assigned inputs from audio tracks.

Performance Performance is improved when browsing samples in Sampler. Fixes an issue where dragging region-based automation nodes could generate unnecessary MIDI events.

The cursor no longer seems to freeze briefly when scrubbing plug-in controls. Performance is improved when applying Slice at Transient Markers. Audio now plays as expected on mono audio tracks using a Binaural Panner on a Mac with Apple silicon. Performance when rubber-band zooming with the Zoom Tool has been improved to allow better results when a lower percentage of a region is included in the selection.

Fixes an issue where performing Undo could cause Logic to hang briefly. The progress bar now updates while creating a Smart Tempo Multitrack Set. Accessibility Changes made when using VoiceOver to control the Surround panner are now audible. It is now possible to open a contextual menu using VoiceOver when a region is selected. VoiceOver now correctly announces transpose settings in the Region Inspector.

Navigating scores with multiple staves using VoiceOver has been improved. VoiceOver now correctly announces the display state of the Piano Roll when opening or closing it.

VoiceOver now correctly announces the display state of automation when toggling it. VoiceOver now correctly reads out the state of the Metronome when clicking its button on the Control Bar.

VoiceOver now announces locator points that are set using Key Commands. VoiceOver now announces the state of the Learn button in Smart Controls. VoiceOver now correctly announces the state of an unarmed record button in the Track Header. Controls in the Step Sequencer tool bar now reliably retain focus after interactions with VoiceOver.

The playhead position is now announced by VoiceOver when the Forward by Transient key command is used. VoiceOver now announces deletion of regions using the delete or backspace key.

Accessibility in Step Sequencer is improved. In Controls view, the Dolby Atmos plug-in no longer offers Monitoring Format options that are not possible with the current configuration. The render modes for Object tracks in the Dolby Atmos plug-in are now maintained when the audio device is changed, or when rearranging the order of tracks in the Track List.

Spatial Audio playback for Apple Studio Display speakers is now configured properly. Stopping playback of a multi-channel audio file that only has audio content on one channel no longer shows a spike on all channels of a level meter.

Smart Tempo Apply Project Tempo to Region and Downbeat now accurately moves a selected region to the downbeat after the region has been trimmed and moved. The Move to Beat command now consistently works after the left corner of a region has been adjusted. Preview in the Smart Tempo Editor no longer stops at the end of the cycle range if cycle is turned off during playback. Preview in the Smart Tempo Editor now follows changes made to the cycle range or position during playback.

Audio files opened in the Smart Tempo Editor are no longer marked as changed when no edits have been yet performed. Logic no longer writes tempo information to recorded audio files in the musical grid is switched off or the metronome is not active whole recording.

Live Loops Surround files that are converted to the project sample rate when added to a Live Loops cell now play back at the correct pitch when Follow tempo is disabled. Drag and drop of loops or regions below the Output track into the Live Loops grid now creates all cells as expected.

Live Loops cells now account for the Delay parameter in the Track Inspector. Live Loops Cells no longer display missing content warning after missing content is installed.

Audio regions created with region repeat within a cell are no longer unexpectedly muted. Creating a Drum Machine Designer pattern region by dragging an audio loop or file to the Track Header now places the pattern region in an empty Live Loops cell instead of the Tracks Area on the track in cases where the Live Loops grid is the only active view.

Audio files imported to a Live Loops cell are now properly rounded to the nearest beat. Fixes an issue where region gain and transpose settings are could be changed when recording a performance into a single Live Loops cell. Flex Time and Flex Pitch Flex edits are now preserved when recording over a span that encompasses more than one existing Flexed region in Create Take Folder mode.

Flexed audio regions in cycle or Live Loops playback now remain in sync with the click in cases where there are closely spaced tempo changes. Fixes an issue where trimming the left border of a Flex-timed region that has both manual flex markers and is quantized could throw the flex edits out of sync. The audio waveform display on regions using the Flex Slicing mode now reliably matches the audio output. Flex tempo markers are now updated correctly after a region border is adjusted.

Resolves an issue where dividing a region that is using Flex Time could sometimes cause the region to go out of sync. Selecting a Quantize setting in an audio region, Live Loops cell inspector or contextual menu now automatically enables Flex Time mode.

Audio region waveform overviews now consistently update to show changes when regions using Flex Time Slicing mode are split. Resolves an issue where in certain cases manually inserting tempo markers in the Smart Tempo editor could causes audio artifacts when performing Flex Time edits. Fixes an issue where the audio waveform could disappear or change while editing a region in Flex: Slicing mode.

It is now possible to move a note with the Hand tool in Flex Pitch view without changing its length. Audio waveforms now display correctly on quantized audio tracks in Flex Time: Slicing mode.

Audio recordings that should be detected as polyphonic are no longer set to Slicing mode when Flex Time is enabled on a track. Audio now plays as expected in cases where the channel format of a channel strip that includes an instance of Melodyne ARA does not match the region channel format. Sampler and Quick Sampler Fixes an issue in Sampler where Toggling the One Shot button while a note is being held and loop mode is active could cause the loop to continue playing until the Transport is started.

View options settings in Quick Sampler are now retained after the plug-in window has been closed and reopened. Quick Sampler now offers a command to create a Sampler Track. Resolves an issue where setting the Voice Count for a Group in Sampler could set all other Groups with Zones set to the same Key Range to the same number of voices. The audio quality of Flex Pitched notes in Sampler is improved. Articulations Clicking on a control in the Articulation Editor now reliably selects its row.

The keyswitch trigger mode for articulations now works as expected in the Studio Horns instrument. Touch mode automation now responds correctly when releasing a control in the Binaural Panner. Using the key command Play or Stop and Go to Last Locate Position while writing automation in Latch mode now writes the correct automation as expected in cases where the key command has been customized. Stepped automation is no longer converted to ramps when MIDI Transform is used to shorten the interval between steps.

Fixes an issue where region-based automation on Flex Timed audio regions could move unexpectedly when the left corner of the region is adjusted. When Autoselect Automation in Read Mode is enabled and Automation is visible, the default automation lane for a newly created track is Volume rather than Pan. Editing Region-based automation while playing now disables Catch as expected. Resolves an issue where automation from certain plug-ins could be written to frozen tracks unexpectedly. Logic now instantly writes all automation necessary changes when loading new AU presets while playing while writing automation.

It is now possible to edit Region-based automation on open Take folders reliably. The Automation view no longer shows Atmos plug-in parameters that cannot be automated. Dividing a region that contains region-based automation no longer causes an unexpected automation point to be added to the right-hand region resulting from the division. Splitting a region no longer deletes Region-based automation points that are at the exact position in the region where the split was performed.

The Down Mixer plug-in is now available on the Surround Master channel when the surround format is set to 7. Fixes an issue where option-clicking the Solo button to activate Exclusive Solo on a muted channel could unmute it when solo is deactivated. The Bypass All Effect Plug-ins key command now works as expected on all selected channel strips in the Mixer.

Routing a new send from a channel strip now creates a stereo Aux whether the source channel is mono or stereo. Fixes an issue where renaming a folder track in the mixer could also rename all other folders.

The Sends On Fader menu now remains visible when the size of the Mixer is reduced. The state of the Sends on Faders button is correctly maintained when the Mixer is closed and then reopened. Sort Tracks no longer moves sub-tracks out of Track Stacks. Groups Fixes an issue that prevented automation changes in the same group from being applied to locked tracks. Resolves an issue where the Track Editor always displayed the contents of the first track in a Group when regions on other tracks from the Group are selected.

Alchemy Adjustments made to the Additive tab of the editor in existing presets are now retained when the preset is saved and then reloaded. Performance knobs that have been assigned to a mod-mapped rate control, then to something else now display values correctly.

The Artist name from the Logic preferences is now written as Sound Designer in user-created Alchemy presets. Alchemy Step Sequencer files now reliably save to the correct default location, instead of the last location saved to generally.

Alchemy now uses tunings as expected when selected before an Alchemy instance is added to the project. The preset Visions of Pyramids no longer outputs an unexpectedly loud audio peak when a note is sustained for a long time.

Alchemy now offers 3 additional Stepped Note Properties that offer new resync and step number options. Alchemy includes overall improvements to root key detection, pitched vs. Drummer and Drum Machine Designer Fixes an issue where loading a new drum kit piece into a subtrack could remove Aux sends from the Drum Machine Designer kit. Resolves an issue where Drummer regions converted to MIDI regions could play back unexpected kit pieces or articulations.

Drum Machine Designer now includes a control to turn off the Filter in Sampler. Resolves an issue where Drummer regions converted to MIDI regions could sometimes trigger unexpected drum kit sounds.

Plug-ins Fixes an issue where the Repeater in the Remix FX plug-in could produce audible clicks when playing back in a project with tempo changes. Resolves an issue where switching from a track using the Mellotron instrument while sustaining notes could cause notes to get stuck. Sculpture correctly uses the project tuning when it is set to High Definition render mode as expected The Compare button now works consistently with third-party Audio Unit plug-ins. It is now possible to make fine adjustments in all of Logic’s built-in plug-ins using the Shift key and a mouse scroll wheel.

Fixes an issue where editing regions on certain Audio Unit software instrument tracks could trigger unexpected sounds. Plug-ins now offer sidechain functionality when Advanced Tools is not enabled. The plug-in window browser in Logic now reliably remains in sync when browsing through Audio Unit plug-in presets using the plug-in’s internal browser The Scale setting in the Channel EQ is now recalled from saved patches and settings.

Going from Controls view to Editor view on the AUDelay plug-in now retains any custom view settings previously made in the Editor view. Custom plug-in names that start with numbers now display correctly.

Names of user presets created by modifying factory presets for AUv3 plug-ins are now displayed correctly. Sorting by Type in the Plug-in Manager window is improved. The Compare function now works with Audio Unit plug-ins.

Projects that include the Valhalla Supermassive plug-in no longer show as being edited when first opened. The Freeze button in ChromaVerb is now dimmed in algorithms that don’t offer the Freeze function. Settings for distortion and overdrive plug-ins are now level-compensated. Track names for Kontakt patches now display as expected. Selecting a row within a pattern region now selects the inspector channel strip for the Drum Machine Designer pad.

The order of edit parameters in Step Sequencer sub-rows is now maintained when Pattern Regions are a repeated using Command – R. Takes and comping Take names now display as expected when a recording is made over a take that has been divided into smaller regions. Saved comps are now maintained as expected when a Take region using Flex Time – Slicing mode is split after a tempo change.

Regions created from unpacking a Take folder are now colored according to the Take within the comp. Fades applied within Take folders are now reliably retained after a project is saved, closed, then reopened, or when the Take folder is flattened. Recording a long audio take over noncontiguous audio regions in a track now places the newly recorded audio as the second take in the resulting Take folder, as expected.

Unpacking and then repacking a Take folder now preserves the take numbers as expected. Creating a Take folder by recording over several existing regions now preserves the region names as expected. The name of a selected Take Region is now shown in the Region Inspector.

Playing into a Folder Stack that contains a Drum Machine Designer track that has been duplicated no longer triggers both the original and the duplicated instance of Drum Machine Designer. Key Commands The Solo Lock key command now toggles off solo lock when pressed a second time. Key command sets now switch as expected when switching from US to another input language. All key commands for settings available in the Region Inspector now work as expected when the inspector is closed.

The Customized button in the Key Commands window now lights when a key command that has been edited is selected. There is now a key command for Quantize Off. Patches saved from the Output channel strip in the dual view of the channel strip inspector now load as expected. Ultrabeat samples that have been moved from the default install location can now be found and loaded.

Resolves an issue where installing Sound Library additional content on a system where the Sound Library has been relocated could cause the sound library to stop working.

Apple Loops Apple Loops created from regions now include any left corner offset from the source region. Preview in the Loop Browser now works reliably in large projects. Resolves an issue where Apple Loops could sometimes increase in volume unexpectedly if there was a tempo change and the loops has Follow Tempo and Pitch enabled. Import Track Stacks from other projects now import with the correct levels. The bypass state of all plug-ins on a Drum Machine Designer instance is maintained when it is imported into another project.

When importing the Tempo and Marker tracks along with audio tracks from another project, there is no longer a superfluous dialog asking whether the tempo and markers should be imported from the audio files. When importing Aux sends with bus assignments from other projects, the Automatic Bus Assignment setting is now respected. When importing tracks from a different project in which the audio files cannot be found, it is now possible to skip importing the audio globally.

Logic no longer removes a small portion from the beginning of a bit audio track imported from a movie file. The first audio file imported into a project with the Use Musical Grid setting disabled no longer triggers an unexpected Use tempo dialog.

When an audio file is dragged to a track with a different channel format, Logic now shows a dialog offering to change the channel format of the track to match. In the project import window, using the right arrow key or Option-clicking one of the check boxes to select all the options for the currently selected row now selects the Keep Bus Number option as expected. Fixes an issue where Stereo channel strips imported with regions from one Logic project to another could be incorrectly set as mono.

Exported MIDI files are no longer unexpectedly extended. Regions with events to the left of the region start now export properly as MIDI files. Merging stereo audio regions using Bounce and Join no longer unexpectedly creates a mono file when performed on tracks higher than There is now an option to Include Tempo Information when bouncing a project. It would help if the OP posted his machine configuration. Mac Pro Early , 2. Apogee Duet 2, Logic Pro 9. Then, sir, you are in luck. Do the firmware update, buy a 6 core X 3.

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Share More sharing options Followers 3. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted April 24, Hi all, I have a mac pro with a second drive, gb ssd, currently has el capitan installed. Apple page is not at all helpful. Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options David Nahmani Posted April 24, The recording feature supports bit khz audio with over audio tracks and latency settings.

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Apple Logic Pro X for Mac Free Download – All Mac World.

Fixes an issue where Logic could hang when sharing to SoundCloud. Logic Remote Changes to the length of a pattern region are now immediately visible in Logic Remote on iPhone. Drum Machine Designer sub-tracks can olgic be sorted. Fixes an issue where Logic could quit unexpectedly when loading ссылка на страницу in Audio Units plug-ins, or copying tracks that contain Audio Logic pro x 10.3.2 free plug-ins. The keyswitch trigger mode for articulations now works as expected in the Studio Horns instrument.


Logic pro x 10.3.2 free


By joining Download. Logic users, its time to get excited. Yes, Apple has released an update to your favorite DAW! You can feel the excitement in the air every time a new version of Logic is released, and this time is no different.

The latest free update to Logic includes a host of cool additions and enhancements designed to improve your music production workflow and ignite your creativity. Learn about the new Drummers, Drummer Loops, and other Drummers enhancements. Find out whats new in the Arpeggiator, and check out the Audio Region Transpose and key commands improvements.

Steve also examines whats new in the Environment, Surround Panner, and more So launch the App Store, and while youre downloading the Logic update, watch this 9-tutorial flyover by Steve H, and discover the great new stuff included in Logic Pro X IObit Uninstaller.

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Networking Software. Software Coupons. Logic Pro X Full Specifications. What’s new in version 7. Release October 3, Date Added October 3, Version 7. Operating Systems. Operating Systems Android. Additional Requirements Requires Android 4. Total Downloads Downloads Last Week 0. Report Software. Related Apps. YouTube Music Free. Watch and listen to a nearly endless catalog in an app designed for music discovery. Google Play Music Free. Shop music on Android Market and listen instantly using the Google Music app.

Spotify: Listen to new music and play podcasts Free. Listen to your favorites or discover new music with a ready-made playlist that suits your mood. Pandora Music Free. Create personalized stations that play only music you like.

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